Tata Nano diesel will be most fuel efficient India's Diesel car

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Tata Nano, a low-cost city car at less than € 2,000 with extreme fuel efficiency, it probably becomes even more green with a new diesel engine developed together with Bosch to arrive in the Indian market already by end of year.

Tata Motors has unveiled, through the local newspaper “Business Standard”, that its minicar will get even 40 Km per liter, thanks to the project with a 700 cm3 two-cylinder diesel engine, which produces a decent power without increasing consumption. The Indian concept car could become reality by the year already. Tata Nano diesel, after versions petrol and electric, would allow Indian drivers to pay about € 0,62 per liter compared to the current rupee and gas-oil cost in the country.

The Nano is a small car with plastic body, 3.10 meters long and approved for four people. It ‘s a project for the Indian market, but given its features may also be successful on the European market if adapted to safety regulations and the final cost would still be very competitive. The new Tata Nano diesel, should be launched at India’s dealerships in India at about € 2,700.

**Updated 01-may-2011 After early discussions about whether to use plastic body panels, the company stuck with a steel body but minimized curves to reduce the number of dies needed to make each panel.



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Amin Seethy

TATA Nano comes with a metal body that have passed all crash tests of International standard, not with plastic as mentioned in the article.The diesel variant everyone hopefully waiting is a 1.1 CRDI, that what Bosch CEO told in a press conferenece in 2010 Auto Expo in Delhi.


After early discussions about whether to use plastic body panels, the company stuck with a metal body as you said. We updated the article adding the new info. Thank you

Thumesh Das

I want to know about tata nano diesel.


this post is about Tata diesel

Sujeeth Jinesh

They should make a hybrid diesel version of this car, it would get really good mileage.

Choudhary RK

very nice modle.

Nikhil Pachauri

Diesel version of Nano does have great selling potential considering the rising cost of petrol. However, Tata Motor needs to work on the inherent flaws of diesel engine like higher vibrations and noise which can act as deterring factor in final consumer decision.. None the less, its a great innovative effort from the house of Tata..


give me tata nano dizal car

Raju b satpute

I want tata nano disel sport car


when will lunch this car in banglore. iam redy to buy this car.wat the price in banglore.nano is indian little super star.09845463848.iam useing tata indica DLE.


Please Tata, make this vehicle available to the Philippines and I would be interested in a dealership for them in the southern provinces

Dhirubhai Dangar

Nano diesel version is good option for reduce traveling cost.

Gabriele Pisano

Dhirubhai you're right!

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