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Nissan will unveil the Esflow Concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, it’s a electric sporty car prototype that brings the Nissan Leaf technology into cars dedicated to the pure driving pleasure. The Esflow shows the sporty electric propulsion: it is a two-seater coupe, powered by two motors connected to the rear wheels, which should burn the 0-100 Km/h in less than 5 seconds.

TECHNOLOGY: The aluminum base houses the battery pack along the wheels axis to optimize the gravity center, while engines are positioned on the same axis and can work independently to act as a torque vectoring system, maximizing traction. The body is made from composite fiber, and each component has been designed from scratch to not put limits on the creativity of engineers to get the best possible results, performance and efficiency.

DESIGN: The design derives from the 370Z, the exterior lines are inspired by the glaciers colors, including headlights, recalling the blue clear waters. Blue LED lights accentuate the futuristic desing, but headlamps conceal a secret: the charging points recessed below into the vents. Even mirrors were made with special attention because replaced with micro-cameras for rear vision.

ENGINES: Rear-wheel drive Nissan Esflow works with two motors powered by lithium-ion batteries rolled equal to those of Nissan Leaf promising a range of over 240 km on a single charge. Engines manages independently left and right wheels, maximizing torque distribution, whic it’s almost immediate.



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warwick used car

I’m astonished to see such greatest quality Nissan product which can be said as a future model.
But I want to buy one Nissan with low price, that might be a used Nissan.

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