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The Audi A1 Blade and Goldie have been developed and designed by Aznom, a specialist company in leather goods, design and car’s aesthetic tuning, the first special version is dedicated to men, the second to women. The goal of this work is to enhance the Audi A1 with a strong personality, elegance and not ostentatious. Both versions Blade and Goldie therefore enhance the spirit of the car, steering it to even more customers to offer a unique customization.

BLADE: version designed for men is called Blade, based on the A1 1.6 TDI. The painting is two-tone (on a red base), pillars, roof spoiler, bumper details and rear bumper in dark gray. Just to highlight the masculine design, the Audi A1 Blade comes with kit Competition – also in dark gray – while mirror covers are made of carbon fiber. The sporty personality is shown alos for the interior, starting with black leather seats with Alcantara inserts Starlight black and red leather, while vents are made of carbon fiber. Finally; for male audience Aznom thought a bag also made with the same interior’s materials.

GOLDIE: Audi A1 Goldie is somewhat complementary to the Blade and aimed to women. In fact the engine is a 1.4 TFSI to delivery a more linear and progressive behaviour compared to diesel. Externally it has a two-tone paint white and gold matte with purple metallic reflections, enven in this case roof and rear-view mirror housings. The interior is unique just in Aznom’s style, with leather upholstery alternating white and gold leather with a special purple and beige damask print. A coordinated bag and box set completes the customization.

Accessories and equipment designed for these versions, however, does not limit customers to indulge for further customization according to their tastes and needs.


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