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The SLS AMG Mercedes E-Cell will be produced: the official announcement comes from the headquarter in Stuttgart. The standard electric supercar goes on sale in 2013. Dieter Zetsche, head of Daimler AG, called it “the most technologically advanced supercar in the 125 years of automotive history. ” The 125th anniversary refers to Stuttgart, who in 1886 built the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

If nothing will change, the SLS AMG E-Cell will be powered by four electric motors, producing 533 hp and 880 Nm of torque and powered by lithium ion batteries from 48 KWh made from 324 cells and also are recharged during deceleration. Performance shows a thrilling 0-100 covered in just 4 seconds. The ceramic brake discs at front 402×39 mm and 360×32 mm behind are within a ten-spoke wheels 265/35 R 19 and 295/30 R 20.

The selling price of this racing car zero emission has not been confirmed yet, but everything points to a value of around 250,000 euros. The only available competitor will be in 2012, the Audi R8 e-tron.



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gabriele pisano

I Think it looks hot, but I still think the e-tron roadster has this thing beat in the looks department.

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