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Ford has just unveiled, at the Detroit Motor Show (15-23 January), two new ecological models based on C-Max MPV: Energy and Hybrid. New versions are equipped with lithium-ion batteries,  will be assembled for U.S. in 2012 in the Ford plant in Wayne (Michigan) – the same as for the Focus electric – and in 2013 in Europe, at Valencia. The C-Max Hybrid and Energi will have both the lithium-ion battery, for Europe only 5 seats body with normal rear doors, while the C-Max for the North American market, which makes its debut in Detroit, has sliding rear doors.

KINETIC DESIGN: The new Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energy are made according to the usual tenets of kinetic design, with the addition of the front grille with vertical laths recalling the Aston Martin. Externally the two C-Max are almost identical, the only difference between the two is the presence of the smal charging in the version Energi, located near the front wheel and through which, in one night, you can recharge the battery through into a standard 120 volt outlet (220 V in Europe).

ENGINE: Ford will provided a 2.0 with Atkinson-cycle that will be associated with the hybrid system built on some Toyota patents origin, able to work well with only the electric propulsion as on hybrid models as in parallel, even if it differs by them for some technical details. You can then travel in electric only mode, like the Fusion, up to a speed of about 75 km/h, with an autonomy, according to reported data, of over 800 km with a full charge (for energy).

Although there are no photos of the interior, however Ford announced changes to the instrument panel using the MyView system that gives a wealth of information on the electrical consumption helping to maximize battery power and the ebergy recovery on release and brakes. The MYFORD Mobile, on version Energi gives the possibility to manage above features remotely via internet or smartphone





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gabriele pisano

We must be looking at different cars – I see a lack of design ingenuity highlighted by a ‘corporate template’ shrunk and squished to fit a microcar.

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