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official photo 2012 mercedes CLS shooting brakeThe Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, a prototype station wagon version of Beijing Motor Show in early April, will be on production from 2012, trought German assembly line in Sindelfingen, where Class C, E, S, CL and CLS have their production location.
Mercedes, after invented the large sedans category in 2004 with the CLS coupe style, try to repeat it with a new body variant by combining the station wagon tailgate with the sports of the sloping rear and the rather high beltline. Joachim Shmidt, executive vice president of sales and marketing of Mercedes-Benz Cars said “The CLS continues to make a splash with its eye-catching design and capture customers of our brand. This car – added Shmidt – based on the great tradition of sportsmanship and style that has always featured the Mercedes coupe, marking the path to the future for style and design.” Mercedes-Benz then, in response to Audi A7 Sportback and BMW 5-Series GT, both with tailgate, offers a type of car that has virtually no rivals in the market and that could pave the way in the coming years to a new breed of luxury station wagon.


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