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official photo Aston Martin CygnetAston Martin has officially stated that Cygnet concept car will be produced next year thanks to the agreement with Japan’s Toyota IQ, which will provide the model as a basis for the English developing. But first, they need to achieve some goals, that are behind the project Cygnet: cut the average emissions in the Aston Martin range, to adapt to the very restrictive future standards for ecology in the U.S. and Europe. Cygnet is a blend of aesthetic tuning at the highest level, certainly not a new car, since the whole mechanics basis is that of a normal IQ Toyota, to which it maintains the technical scheme in every detail. The more powerful version gets the 1.3 petrol 6-speed manual transmission or optional automatic Multidrive. This engine boosts 99 hp at 6,000 rpm and average fuel consumption are quantified around 4.9 liters per 100 km, CO2 emissions are just 113 gr. per thousand meter.

The Aston Martin Cygnet cen be bought only if you already have an Aston Martin or if you want to buy a new sports one, in fact this strategy will keep high  the brand image to attract new customers. The prices of the new Cygnet starts from 35,000 Euros, and may increase rapidly to over 50,000 with the addition of probable and substantial list of optional equipments and gadgets that are then the very purpose of this car.


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